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Psychology and Public Policy

Psychology and Public Policy
Room 317 McElwain Building
4:00pm Tuesday, 18th May 2010
5:00pm Tuesday, 18th May 2010

Many students enrol in a psychology degree because they want to help people, typically in the form of working with individual clients in a particular context (e.g., clinical, educational, or organizational). But what if you’re not sure that you want to become a therapist, counsellor, or consultant? Does that mean that you must give up your laudable goal of helping people?

In this session we will discuss how you can use your skills and knowledge to change the world on a broader scale: by doing applied research within organizations that shape various types of public policy (e.g., mental health services, equal opportunity programs in organizations, increased taxes on alcoholic drinks). I will first briefly outline what public policy is and how psychologists can contribute to its development and improvement. We will then have a general discussion about how you might pursue a career linking psychology and policy.

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