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Psychonomics Seminar

Psychonomics Seminar
Friday, 20th May 2005

The School of Psychology, University of Queensland is proud to present:
"Walking along the cutting edge of knowledge with bare feet"
This Friday at 3pm in room 304, Psychology, we are very pleased to welcome the fantastic Dr Gillian Yeo. She will talk on:
"Self-Efficacy, Levels of Analysis and Levels of Specificity: Differential and Dynamic Relationships with Performance"
Dr Yeo is considered such hot property in the scientific community that a number of close colleagues have suffered first degree burns in her presence. These colleagues report their subsequent weeks in intensive care as “thoroughly worthwhile and inspirational”. Dr Yeo has been head-hunted by a number of institutions but she remains unconcerned by the constant threat of decapitation (she carries concealed knives for self-defence).
She completed her PhD in Organisational Psychology in 2003. She is currently a postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Psychology and Key
Centre for Human Factors. Her research projects involve multilevel examinations of motivational, affective and cognitive factors that influence skill acquisition and job peformance.
This research adopts a resource allocation theoretical framework to generate
predictions regarding the relationship between self-efficacy and task
performance from two levels of analysis and specificity. Participants were
given multiple trials of practice on an air traffic control task. Measures of
task-specific self-efficacy and performance were taken at repeated intervals.
The authors used multilevel analysis to demonstrate differential and dynamic
effects. As predicted, changes in task specific self-efficacy were negatively
associated with changes in performance at the within-person level. On the other
hand, average levels of task specific self-efficacy were positively related to
performance at

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