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Public Talk: Women & Business

Public Talk: Women & Business
Terrace Room; Level 6; Sir Llew Edwards Building (14); UQ St Lucia
6:00pm Wednesday, 21st July 2010
8:30pm Wednesday, 21st July 2010

The glass cliff refers to the tendency for women to be given leadership positions that are more risky and precarious than those given to men.

This talk reviews some of the evidence of the phenomenon as well as studies which explore its social psychological basis and economic consequences.
In particular, Alex looks at archival evidence to show that on average, companies that have more women on their managerial boards do worse on stock-based measures of performance than companies with primarily male board members.
These findings support claims that women are found on the boards of companies that are perceived to be performing poorly. Further to this, investors often devalue companies that have female board members. Yet, consistent with other glass cliff research, the findings also indicate that perceptions and investment are not aligned with the underlying realities of company performance. In actuality, it appears that women in leadership positions do not cause companies to lose money, but rather that women are given leadership positions in companies that are already in financial trouble.
Come listen to Alex talk about the Glass Cliff phenomenon. Enjoy beverages and foods between 6 - 7pm, followed by Alex’s talk from 7 - 8pm, and further drinks and the chance to ask Alex questions in an informal setting between 8 - 8:30pm.

About the Presenter

Alex Haslam is Professor of Social Psychology at The University of Exeter and a former Commonwealth Scholar at Macquarie University (Sydney) and Jones Scholar at Emory University (Atlanta). He is a former Associate Editor of the British Journal of Social Psychology (1999-2001) and Chief Editor of the European Journal of Social Psychology (2001-2005). He is on the board of 10 international journals and an editorial advisor for Scientific American Mind. His research addresses issue of leadership, motivation, communication, power, stereotyping, group conflict, stress and prejudice. Together with colleagues from around the world, he has published extensively in these areas. He has two books currently in production: The New Psychology of Leadership: Identity, Influence and Power (with S.Reicher and M. Platow) and The Social Cure: Identity, Health and Well-being (with J. Jetten & C. Haslam).


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