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Psychology Seminar

Psychology Seminar
McElwain (24A), Room 306
3:00pm Friday, 9th July 2010
5:00pm Friday, 9th July 2010

TITLE: Nonanalytic Cognition: Generalizing Without Thinking

ABSTRACT: The prosaic assumption in approaches to perception and learning has been that all such operations are analytic, propositional, and abstract. Indeed, folk psychology and much of cognitive science accepts this use of symbols and explicit rules. We argue that this view is fundamentally flawed; it ignores the real lessons from animal learning, and overestimates human rationality and the extent to which people are aware of the determinants of their behaviour. We demonstrate instead that such rule-like behaviour can emerge from simple nonanalytic cognitive/memory processes.

Talk will be followed by refreshments from 4-5pm.


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