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BB Lunch: Life as an Org Psych

BB Lunch: Life as an Org Psych
Room 304 - Building 24a
12:00pm Friday, 27th August 2010
2:00pm Friday, 27th August 2010

My life as an organisational psychologist (Stephen Rollings)

Stephen Rollings completed the Master of Organisational Psychology program at UQ and now works in the recruitment and selection field.  As Principal Assessment Consultant within the QR National Recruitment Centre, he oversees all of the psychometric assessments that are used in recruitment processes for positions ranging from train driver roles with thousands of applicants, to leadership positions.  From online pre-screening to multi-day assessment centres, the choice of assessment tools and the way in which they are used varies according to the type of position.  In addition to his work in recruitment, working within a large organisation provides Stephen with opportunities to work on projects that aren’t necessarily recruitment-related, such as team and leadership development.  In this lunchtime session, Stephen will talk about his role and experiences as an organisational psychologist.  If you are considering a future in organisational psychology, come along! 

Places are limited, so to attend please email on August 23.

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