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School Seminar Series

School Seminar Series
Friday, 19th August 2005

There are two talks coming up in the School of Psychology Seminar Series. The first will be held this Friday the 19th of August at 3pm, room 302 of the McElwain Building. Russell Gray will tell us about the extraordinary capacities of New Caledonian crows. The second talk will be on Tuesday the 23rd of August at 4pm in room 303 of the McElwain Building. Bob Vallerand will talk about the psychology of passion. See below for details.

Prof. Russell Gray
University of Auckland

New Caledonian crows:
Tool manufacture, cognition and cultural evolution

New Caledonian crows have remarkable tool-making abilities. Their
tool manufacture has four features previously thought to be unique to
hominids: a high degree of standardization, the use of hooks,
"handedness", and cumulative changes in tool design. Unlike
chimpanzees, N.C. crows appear to grasp some physical properties of
their tools and use this knowledge to solve novel food extraction
tasks. In this talk I will outline the implications of our ongoing
work on New Caledonian crows for theories about the evolution of
complex cognition and culture.

Prof. Robert J. Vallerand
Université du Québec à Montréal
On Passion for Life Activities: A New Theoretical Formulation

While the lay public has long recognized the value of passion for life activities, very little if any psychological research has been conducted on this concept. The purpose of this presentation is to present our theoretical formulation on passion (Vallerand et al., 2003) as well as some recent empirical research. We define passion as a strong inclination toward an activity that people like, find important, and in which they invest time and energy. We further posit that there are two types of passions: obsessive and harmonious. Obsessive passion

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