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PFSC Seminar Series 2010

PFSC Seminar Series 2010
The PFSC Training Room (Room s227; Building 24)
12:00pm Wednesday, 24th November 2010
1:00pm Wednesday, 24th November 2010

Presenter: Michelle Adamson

Title: Fuss Free Mealtimes Triple P

Abstract: Feeding difficulties commonly emerge during toddlerhood, and can result in significant physical and psychosocial sequelae for the children and families involved. While behavioural techniques have been proven effective in ameliorating feeding difficulties, the literature is limited by a reliance on case study methodology, a focus on children with medical and/or developmental comorbidity, and therapists as primary agents of change. The current research aimed to investigate the utility of a group-based, behavioural family intervention, Fuss Free Mealtimes Triple P, for parents of difficult to feed but otherwise normally developing toddlers. Findings from the randomised controlled trial will be discussed. 

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