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Seminar Series: Cath Haslam

Seminar Series: Cath Haslam
Social Sciences Building - S402
3:00pm Friday, 4th March 2011
4:00pm Friday, 4th March 2011

Cath Haslam presents for the School of Psychology Seminar Series.

Title: The principle of learning without error: Mechanisms and effectiveness.

Abstract: Memory impairment is widespread following neurological trauma and illness and, where this is permanent, leaves sufferers highly dependent on others. Developing learning strategies to overcome this disability is an important goal of rehabilitation. Errorless learning is the most investigated of the learning principles and increasingly popular as a result. In this talk, I discuss results of several studies we've conducted relevant to targeting this principle in memory rehabilitation: the underlying mechanisms supporting memory enhancement, whether its effectiveness can be improved and how it compares with other learning principles. Despite its popularity, our work shows that the method has some limitations and that various factors need to be taken into account to make the most of this principle in the treatment of memory impairment.

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