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Seminar Series: Mandeep Dhami

Seminar Series: Mandeep Dhami
Social Sciences Building - S402
3:00pm Friday, 6th May 2011
4:00pm Friday, 6th May 2011

Rational choice theory portrays offenders as compensatory decision makers who attach values to the possible rewards and the costs associated with crime, calculate the probabilities of these outcomes, weigh the values of rewards and costs by their respective probabilities, and choose whether or not to engage in crime based on maximization of rewards and minimization of costs. However, such compensatory strategies may not be psychologically plausible given constraints of the human mind and/or offending environment.

Dr Mandeep Dhami, from the University of Cambridge, will talk about the decision strategies of convicted and non-convicted offenders in the UK, Canada and Spain, from a range of crimes, including burglary and drink driving. The findings have implications for theories of (offender) decision making, as well as criminal justice policy.

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