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End of Semester Smashup

End of Semester Smashup
The Met (256 Wickham Street)
8:00pm Wednesday, 29th June 2011
6:00am Thursday, 30th June 2011

Ready for another wave of PSA parties?? Then look sharp people. The MET is putting on an end of semester bash on WEDNESDAY THE 29th of JUNE which they have invited us all along to. This event is open to all students (regardless of discipline) 18 years and older. The guys at the MET have put in place a more lenient dress code specifically for this night, which means thongs and shorts are allowed.
Most importantly, your ticket ($10) will get you free drinks between 8pm and 10pm!! And discount beverages will be available throughout the night. Don't be shy in telling your friends - the more the merrier!!!

So where do you get tickets? The PSA will be selling tickets to this event during our social and committee meetings. These meetings are held every Friday from 10 am to 12 noon in the Psychology courtyard and every second Thursday from 11 am to 1pm in the same place. Note: Tickets will be sold everyday between 20th to the 24th of June. These will specifically be available during 10am and 12 noon Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. If you wish to buy a ticket outside of these times, feel free to email the PSA.

Looking forward to celebrating the end of another semester with all of you!




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