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Seminar Series: Ben Newell

Seminar Series: Ben Newell
Social Sciences Building - S402
3:00pm Friday, 12th August 2011
4:00pm Friday, 12th August 2011

Ben Newell presents for the School of Psychology Seminar Series.

Systems of Category Learning: Fact or Fantasy?

Multiple‚Äźsystem accounts of category learning are now entrenched in the cognitive neuroscience literature. This entrenchment sometimes seems impervious to behavioural evidence that contradicts or questions key assumptions of multiple-systems accounts. In this talk I consider relevant sources of evidence (behavioural, neuropsychological, neuroimaging) and argue that the evidence is not as clear-cut as many multiple-system theorists often claim. More importantly the talk emphasises that one needs to be sensitive to the desired level of explanation of category learning (psychological, biological, mathematical) when considering the relevance of different types of data and the adequacy of proposed accounts.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

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