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Special School Seminar

Tuesday, 31st August 2004

Professor Max Coltheart, DSc FASSA FAA FBA,
ARC Federation Fellow and Scientific Director,
Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science at Macquarie
University, and an adjunct faculty member here at the
UQ School of Psychology, will give a School of Psychology
Seminar which also serves as the Wale Memorial Lecture
for the Queensland branch of the College of Clinical
Neuropsychologists on the evening of Tuesday, 31st
of August 2004.
The title of the talk is:
"Delusional Beliefs: A Cognitive Neuropsychiatric Theory"
ABSTRACT: In this talk I will discuss a number of delusional syndromes
including Capgras syndrome ("My wife has been replaced by an impostor"),
Cotard syndrome ("I am dead"), mirrored-self misidentification ("The person
I see when I look into the mirror looks just like me, but it isn't me, it
is some stranger"), Fregoli syndrome ("I am constantly being followed by people I
know whom I can't recognize because they are always disguised") and others.
Until very recently these and other forms of delusional belief have been thought
of as psychiatric in origin. We propose instead, as others have done recently,
that these are neuropsychological disorders, and I will sketch a two-factor
cognitive-neuropsychological framework which attempts to explain how
these delusional beliefs arise and why they won't go away.
The venue for the lecture is the School of Psychology at UQ, St Lucia,
Room 303.
Light hors d'oeuvres and wine will be available before the lecture, with
tea, coffee and assorted sweets afterwards. The event will start at 7pm;
Max will lecture from 7:30-8:30 and then coffee will be served afterwards.
Please send RSVP's as soon as possible to Brona O'Dowd so that
we can arrange properly for catering. (

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