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Seminar: Matt Sanders on parenting

Seminar: Matt Sanders on parenting
Room 201 - McElwain Building
3:00pm Friday, 20th April 2012
4:00pm Friday, 20th April 2012


Professor Matt Sanders, Parenting and Family Support Centre, School of Psychology, University of Queensland.


Making a public health approach to parenting support really work


As the benefits of positive parenting programs become more apparent, there is increasing calls for such programs to be more widely available in the community. Poor reach of existing programs, low father engagement and underrepresentation of minorities combine to limit the impact and utility of evidence based programs as preventive interventions. This presentation focuses on key findings emerging from large scale trials of the Triple P-Positive Parenting Program as a multilevel system of parenting support. Lessons learned from the implementation of the intervention system in different settings are discussed. A suite of interventions including media and technology assisted interventions, brief low intensity primary care interventions, and more intensive programs for vulnerable parents are described.  Implications for policy, research and practice are discussed

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