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Marriage Equality in Australia

Marriage Equality in Australia
ICTE, Sir Llew Edwards Building (GPN 4), Level 2, Auditorium
6:00pm Monday, 12th November 2012
8:30pm Monday, 12th November 2012

The global language of love is marriage—yet not all Australians are entitled to this basic right. Researchers at UQ demonstrate that same-sex attracted people who are chronically exposed to opposition to same-sex marriage report higher levels of self-hatred, loneliness and feelings of inferiority. This topic has recently come to the forefront of Australian politics with three separate bills on amending the Marriage Act to include same-sex couples.

In short, the psychological evidence convincingly demonstrates that direct harm is done to same-sex attracted Australians by denying them the opportunity to marry, and there are no adverse societal effects from marriage equality. As part of the UQ’s Global leadership series, School of Psychology lecturer and postdoctoral fellow Dr Fiona Kate Barlow will talk about research from UQ and across the globe that addresses important questions in the same-sex marriage debate. These include:

  • What benefits does a happy marriage confer?
  • How does being denied marriage affect same-sex attracted Australians?
  • How do kids raised by two mums or two dads fare?
  • Do same-sex attracted parents turn out same-sex attracted children?

Following Dr Barlow, Dr Sharon Dane, researcher and activist, will talk about her research with thousands of same-sex attracted Australians, and share her personal story.

Queensland Senior Australian of the Year, 2011, Shelley Argent will talk about her experiences as a parent of a Gay son, her work as a Gay rights activist, and role in Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG).

Finally, Gay activist, Member of the Order of Australia, and Centenary of Federation winner Rodney Croome will discuss his role in the fight for marriage equality, and recent progress across Australia. In this way, the talk will allow for both science and personal stories. All the speakers welcome questions and open discussion.

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