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Brown Bag Lunch: Survival Tips

Brown Bag Lunch: Survival Tips
Duhig Conference Room (ground floor, Duhig Tower Library entrance, Building 2)
12:30pm Friday, 15th March 2013
2:30pm Friday, 15th March 2013

How to Survive 4th Year!

  • Speaker: Alexander Robey, UQ Counselling Team

4th year psychology is a time of great learning, applying research skills and considering what the future may look like in all the different facets of the field of psychology. However, there can be many pressures including; the desire to achieve a high GPA to be competitive with post graduate study, undertaking the research project, applying for graduate positions, managing employment and trying to keep a sense of balance and health with the demands of the year. 

This session is designed to assist 4th year psychology students make it through the year not just in terms of academic performance, but in a healthy and appropriate manner congruent with the principles that may have already been learnt during psychology study. This session is specifically designed to provide insight, strategies and a healthy approach to the 4th year program.


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