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CPCN Workshop

CPCN Workshop
McElwain Building - Room 201
3:00pm Friday, 9th August 2013
4:00pm Friday, 9th August 2013

The deal with transparent motion: Psychophysical answers

Professor Frans Verstraten.

Abstract: Explaining the perception of transparent motion, also known as motion transparency, has turned out to be difficult. Most motion models, if not all, have problems accounting for the percept of two (possibly more) overlapping surfaces. I will review old and recent work and show that new paradigms as well as advanced display technology can shed new light on how motion transparency is actually coded in the visual system. Evidence comes from 1. Aftereffects of transparent motion; 2. Local and global motion systems and their relation to temporal offsets; 3. Neurophysiology/fMRI of (transparent) motion and its aftereffect(s); and 4. Methods of generating transparent motion, in particular spatial and temporal transparency.

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