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PSA Seminar

PSA Seminar
Friday, 21st October 2005

Ever been stuck on course selection and requirements? This seminar will ensure you'll never spend endless hours trying to figure out which course to take!
The PSA is very fortunate to have six 'well known' lecturers do a short talk on subject-selection, that is, what courses are available and all necessary entry requirements.
This is a MUST SEE EVENT for first and second year students and PRETTY USEFUL EVENT for students in other years.
Guest Speakers:
Dr Jenny Burt (Cognitive)
Dr Ken Pakenham (Clinical)
Dr Winnifred Louis (Social)
Dr Chris Jackson (Organisational)
Dr Virginia Slaughter (Developmental)
Dr Ken McFarland (Neuroscience)
For more information, check the PSA website:

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