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Sex Therapy Workshop

Sex Therapy Workshop
Abel Smith Lecture Theatre (Building 23)
9:00am Tuesday, 1st October 2013
12:00pm Tuesday, 1st October 2013
  • Whether through desire conflicts, long term dissatisfaction, affairs, or dysunctions, sexual issues form a large part of every therapist’s practice. This workshop is for students, counsellors and family therapists of all backgrounds who wish to understand and influence their clients’ sexual functioning and decision-making.

In the workshop participants will learn how to turn the request for "normalising" or "labeling" a dysfunction into a clinical goal of developing clients’ inner strength, healthy sexual narrative and ability to validate their own reality independent of others’ consensus.

Using a variety of clinical examples, this program identifies and challenges common therapists’ beliefs that impede therapeutic effectiveness. Participants will learn the inaccurate assumptions behind sexual health; acquire tools to make couples sex therapy more robust; and identify the personal issues professionals must handle in order to let go of comfortable, self-defeating clinical beliefs.

With plenty of specific case material and time for questions, topics covered include:

  • Noticing and challenging clients’ assumptions about sexuality and intimacy
  • Sex, intimacy, romance, love: understanding the differences
  • Common myths about sexual desire and desire discrepancies
  • Integrating sex counseling, psychotherapy, and marriage counselling
  • How our sexual values affect our work - and often disempower our clients

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For more information see the flyer:

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