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Seminar Series: Postgraduate Award

Seminar Series: Postgraduate Award
Room 201-204, Level 2, McElwain (24)
3:00pm Friday, 20th September 2013
4:00pm Friday, 20th September 2013

Postgraduate student research excellence award


Each year, during Research Week, the School of Psychology recognizes the crucial role played by our postgraduate research students in creating and maintaining our reputation for research excellence. 

The Postgraduate Student Research Excellence Award (PSREA) recognizes excellence in published research by students enrolled in a postgraduate degree in the School of Psychology. Each year prizes are awarded to three runners up, and to an overall winner, who is then invited to give a talk on their research. 

This year our nominees, who have all published outstanding pieces of research, include…

  • Melany Christofidi (supervisors: A/Prof Mark Horswill, Dr. Andrew Hill, A/Prof Marcus Watson)
  • Nonie Finlayson (supervisors: Prof Roger Remington, Dr. Phil Grove)
  • Claire Moran (supervisor: Prof Christina Lee)
  • Marguerite O'Haire (supervisor: Prof Virginia Slaughter)
  • Morgan Tear (supervisors: Dr. Mark Neilsen Dr. Jason Tangen)
  • Mathew Thompson (supervisors: Dr. Jason Tangen, Prof. Penny Sanderson)
  • Airong Truffett (supervisors: Prof Jolonda Jetten, Dr Arti Iyer)
  • Britta Wigginton (supervisor: Prof Christina Lee)  

I hope to see you all there to help recognise the excellent research being conducted and published by our research students, to support this years applicants, and to find out who has taken out this years prizes.

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