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School Seminar
Friday, 21st October 2005

The next talk in the School of Psychology Seminar Series will be held this Friday the 28th of October at 3pm, room 302 of the McElwain Building. Professor Gillian Rhodes will present her fascinating work on human face perception.

Professor Gillian Rhodes
University of Western Australia

Face aftereffects reveal face coding mechanisms


Aftereffects have been called the psychologist's microelectrode because of the insights they can provide into the mechanisms of visual perception. Traditionally used to study the coding of simple sensory information, aftereffects can also reveal much about high-level vision, including face perception. We have used face identity aftereffects to provide compelling evidence for norm-based coding of identity and have used figural face aftereffects to study the nature of these norms. Figural face aftereffects occur when adaptation to consistently distorted faces biases the norm, making previously normal faces look distorted in the opposite direction. By studying how these figural aftereffects generalize across face views, we have found that face shape is coded using view-specific norms, and discovered that mirror-image views may be opponent coded. By showing that opposite aftereffects can be generated simultaneously in upright and inverted faces and in faces of different races, we have shown that there are distinct norms for these different classes of faces.

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