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Special School Seminar

Special School Seminar
Thursday, 3rd November 2005

A special seminar in the School of Psychology Seminar Series will be held on Thursday the 3rd of November at 3pm, room 302 of the McElwain Building. Professor Edward Ornitz will present on reflex measures of emotional and attentional processing and their use in research on neurodevelopmental disorders .

Professor Edward Ornitz
University of California, Los Angeles

Startle, startle modulation and their use in understanding neurodevelopmental disorders


The startle response and its modulation by prepulse inhibition (sensorimotor gating), habituation, fear-potentiation, and emotional valence have become important neurophysiological variables in research on many neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental conditions. Startle is a highly conserved neurobehavioral response to threat, and its modulation by prepulse inhibition is also highly conserved across species. Consequently, much of our understanding of the neurophysiological mechanisms underlying startle modulation has been derived from animal studies that inform human research. This presentation will provide an overview of these issues, describe the startle response and its several forms of modulation, review the available data on the relationships between prepulse inhibition and other forms of startle modulation, and illustrate the effects of neurodevelopmental pathology on prepulse inhibition of startle by focusing on research in the fragile X syndrome.

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