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School Seminar Series

School Seminar Series
Friday, 7th April 2006

The School seminar series continues this Friday 7th April with Professor Jeff Vancouver from Ohio University. The seminar will start at 3pm in room 302 of the psychology building.

**Models and Methods for Understanding the Role of Self-Efficacy (Expectancy) in Human Motivation**
Self-efficacy is the latest in a long history of expectancy concepts examined in psychology to explain human motivation. Across that history, several models representing various relationships (e.g., positive; curvilinear) between expectancy concepts and motivation have been articulated, each with supporting empirical findings. Yet, I argue that one model likely represents the underlying relationship, and explain why, given that model, results have emerged to support the three most prominent alternative models. Four studies using measures and/or manipulations of self-efficacy are presented which confirm the underlying model and demonstrate how errors of aggregation (and design limitations) can lead one to use the data observed to support each of the other models. Finally, the underlying model is explained in terms of modern self-regulation theories of motivation.
Photo Source: Ohio University

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