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Seminar Series: A/Prof M. Horswill

Seminar Series: A/Prof M. Horswill
Room 201-204, Level 2, McElwain (24)
3:00pm Friday, 17th March 2017
4:00pm Friday, 17th March 2017

Speaker: A/Prof Derek Arnold

Topic: Forensic Psychology

How to train 1.2 billion drivers to avoid crashing, with (virtually) no money 

The driver training research literature has a long and sad history of continual disappointment regarding its ability to reduce crash risk. It could be argued that driver training is simply not a fundamentally fruitful avenue for preventing crashes. My plan is to prove this argument wrong. I propose that traditional driver training strategies have failed because they focus on the wrong things in the wrong way. I’ve created an intervention that I hope will prevent millions of people being killed in car crashes. I’m doing this by using my double special study leave to cook up the last 27 years of my research output into a single automated training package can be accessed free by anybody anywhere in the world (with a PC and an internet connection). In this talk, I’ll demonstrate a prototype of this intervention and I’ll explain why I think it can succeed where other driver training has failed.

Bio: A/Prof Mark Horswill took up a lectureship at UQ in 2002, after having completed his PhD at The University of Reading. He has published extensively, prominently on the topics of hazard perception in driving and human factors in health care systems. His team designed the video-based hazard perception test used for driver licensing in Queensland, a patient observation chart that is being used in hospitals across Australian and New Zealand (associated with a 45% reduction in cardiac arrests in one hospital and a 11% reduction in overall mortality in another), and a new insulin chart that is currently undergoing national trials. Mark won the Innovation Excellence Award in the former Faculty of SBS and has also received awards for teaching excellence. He is part of the team behind Crime101x, an online course with nearly 40,000 enrolments to date, which won the 2016 Merlot award.

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