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Social Psych Seminar

Social Psych Seminar
Monday, 24th April 2006

The Social Psychology seminar series will have an out-of-sequence talk by Professor Miles Hewstone, visiting from Oxford University, on Monday April 24th at 3pm in Room 306. He'll be presenting on "New directions in intergroup contact". Social psychologists will know Prof Hewstone as a distinguished researcher & speaker, but I think his talk will be of interest to many others in the dept w/ applied / clinical interests as well. Hope to see you there!
The social psychology seminar will continue with a regular Friday talk on April 28th at 3pm in Rm 302, by Dr Inma Adarves-Yorno, visiting from Exeter (Title TBA).
Title: New directions in intergroup contact
Abstract: While the efficacy of intergroup contact is no longer contested (see Pettigrew & Tropp's, in press, meta-analysis), many questions remain about what types of contact work best, how contact works, and what range of outcome measures it can affect. I will present results from a series of studies in multiple settings demonstrating that: contact works primarily via affective processes; extended (as opposed to direct, face-to-face contact)contact can be especially effective in segregated setting, and works by affecting perceived group norms;contact affects not merely attitudes, but also implicit measures, and measures of attitude strength. I will end by acknowledging remaining lacunae, and reporting on current and planned research.
Photo Source: Oxford Uni Web Site

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