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Social Psych Seminar

Social Psych Seminar
Friday, 12th May 2006

The social psychology seminar series is on this Friday May 12th at 3pm in Rm 302, with a talk on by Dr. Susan Baker on "Emphasizing patient communication in health contexts: A novel application of the Willingness to Communicate model" (abstract below). The presentation is clearly relevant to clinical and org as well as social - hope to see everyone there!
Following Susan's talk, the series continues with a special out-of-sequence presentation Friday May 19th from 2-2:30 in Room 304, when Nasruddin Subhi will give his confirmation talk (Title TBA).

Dr. Susan Baker - Friday May 12 - 3pm Room 302
Title: Emphasizing patient communication in health contexts: A novel application of the Willingness to Communicate model
Abstract: Health communication research, to date, has tended to place great emphasis on the importance of the health care provider in health contexts, while undervaluing the importance of patient participation. The research that I am proposing is a novel application of the willingness to communicate (WTC) model, which was originally introduced in the context of learning a second language, but which has proven to be an effective model of intercultural communication in other contexts as well. In this talk, I will present theory and findings from my previous research program in intercultural communication, while introducing my proposed research directions in health communication.

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