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Social Psych Seminar

Social Psych Seminar
Friday, 19th May 2006

A reminder that today Nasruddin Subhi is delivering his confirmation talk from 2-2:30pm in room 304. The talk is titled "Religiosity and sexual orientation among gay men: exploring the pocesses of resilience in the face of potential conflict" (Abstract below). Hope everyone will attend to give Nasruddin their feedback and support!
Next week the social psych seminar series continues with its regularly-scheduled talks and we will have a presentation by Dr. Aarti Iyer (title TBA) at 3pm on Friday the 26th in room 302.
Nasruddin Subhi
Religiosity and sexual orientation among gay men
There exist potential difficulties that gay men have to confront when dealing with issues of religiosity and sexual orientation. This is because most religions including Christianity regard homosexuality as being against the moral teaching of religion. Therefore many gay men find that to reconcile their sexuality with their religious and spiritual beliefs can be a very challenging and complicated process. While the outcomes of potential adverse effect of such conflict are recognized, the processes whereby a person deal with such issues to a potential positive or negative outcome have not been examine in depth. In recognizing the different potential outcome in the face of adversity a concept of resilience is a useful framework for studying this as part of the lives of gay men. The research seeks to explore the issue within the framework of resilience as the basis of understanding the experience better.

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