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PSA Seminar Series

PSA Seminar Series
Friday, 2nd June 2006

The final PSA seminar for semester one will take place this friday at 4pm in room 202 McElwain Building. Dr Ruth Bouma will discuss the postgrad clinical internship requirements at UQ and other important issues relating to clinical psychology.
Pieter will pass on the information to lecturers/tutors early in the week.
Please note that this seminar will not be held in the usual room.
The PSA looks forward to seminars arranged for semester two. These include; postgrads discussing cognitive psychology (comparative evolution), human factors, developmental psychology and specialised talks from experts currently working in the field.
4th year students/PSA members: This talk is important for students who are thinking about doing a postgraduate degree in clinical psych at UQ or are still uncertain about their options and would like to hear more specific information about this area.
Thanks for your support this semester.
Rowena Brown
President - Psychology Students' Association

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