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Psychonomic Seminar Series

Psychonomic Seminar Series
Friday, 25th August 2006

The School of Psychology proudly presents:
The Psychonomic Seminar Series 2006
“Going on the crash diet of science in order to lose the spare tire of ignorance”
This coming Friday 25th August at 1pm in room 304 (note different time and different week to normal), Zahra Izadikhah will be demonstrating how it is possible to complete the first five levels of “Tomb Raider: Legend” on Playstation 2 while balancing a ping pong ball on each thumb. She will then go on to discuss:
“The moderating effects of organizational climate on Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory in the prediction of work related outcomes”
Abstract: Recently there has been increased interest in determining the validity of personality measures as predictors of work related outcomes. Whilst such work is useful, it tends to be focused on traditional models of personality such as the Big Five. However there are now new theory based models of personality whose application to the work place remains untested. The aim of this project is to determine the validity of Gray’s Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory (RST) in the prediction of work place outcomes. Since this model argues that people are sensitive to reward and punishment, it is predicted that these personality variables will be moderated by a rewarding or punishing climate.
Zahra has both bachelor and master degrees in clinical psychology and she has also worked as a clinical psychologist for almost 6 years. Her hobbies include collecting novelty acorns.

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