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Social Psych Seminar

Social Psych Seminar
Friday, 1st September 2006

This Friday, September 1st, at 3pm in room 302 Prof Cindy Gallois will be giving a talk entitled "Living with Aphasia: The Impact and Communication of Self-Stereotypes and Other-Stereotypes" (abstract below). Hope to see you all there!
After this Friday's talk, the series will continue in four weeks' time with a presentation by Dr Julie Fitness (a joint School / social psych seminar) on Friday September 29th.

Living with Aphasia: The Impact and Communication of Self-Stereotypes and Other-Stereotypes
Cindy Gallois
The rehabilitation process for people with aphasia requires exceptional levels of motivation and commitment by the person, others in the social environment, and health professionals. Therefore, the stereotypes about aphasia held by these people, even subtly communicated, and the extent to which they are incorporated into the person's social identity, are crucial factors to the outcomes of rehabilitation and to coping with aphasia. This is particularly true given the impact of aphasia on communication itself. There is little research to date on the self- and other-stereotypes around aphasia or on the impact of such stereotypes communication. There is a considerable body of research, however, on the impact of stereotypes on communication between patients and health professionals, including patients with acquired chronic illness or disability, and their long-term and short-term consequences. There is also another, relatively independent, literature on the management of identity by patients with acquired chronic illness or disability, which shows inconsistent results about the impact of self-stereotypes on health outcomes. This paper is an attempt to consider these research traditions in the context of living with aphasia. This paper briefly reviews the two literatures and presents two studies on other stereotypes about aphasia. Finally, I will sketch out a research agenda about the impact of

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