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Meet the Experts in Org Psych

Meet the Experts in Org Psych
Monday, 18th September 2006

from The University of Queensland

The Centre for Organisational Psychology invites you to an open evening and opportunity to hear about the latest hot topics in Organisational Psychology. Stay for a chat over a glass of wine and light refreshments afterwards.
Associate Professor Chris Jackson
Applying the biosocial model of learning in the work place
Typical approaches to most personality measurement issues (such as those based on the Big 5 and 16 PF etc.) ignore important structural issues. I will describe the problem and explain how new research on the neuropsychological structure of learning provides a sophisticated understanding of personality with important practical implications for practitioners.

Dr Nerina Jimmieson
The role of supervisors in managing psychosocial risk factors in the workplace: Implications for employee health and organisational effectiveness

Prolonged exposure to task and interpersonal stressors incurred at work is linked to physical illness, psychological dysfunction, and job performance deficits in employees. In conjunction with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, my research aims to increase the capacity of employers to identify and manage psychosocial risk factors in the workplace by focusing on systemic ways to reduce such demands. Drawing on the conflict resolution literature, I will provide an overview of supervisory behaviours that alleviate the negative effects of psychosocial risk factors for employees and teams. In addition, I will present pilot work currently being undertaken in the development of a Risk Assessment Tool. It is envisioned that such a tool will allow organisations to perform their own risk assessment in regards to six core psychosocial stressors, equipping them with the necessary skills to better manage risks in their workplace.
Dr Alannah Rafferty

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