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Two psych members win APA awards

Two psych members win APA awards

Congratulations to recent PhD grad Dr Tobi Grundgeiger and Professor Penelope Sanderson who won American Psychological Association awards earlier this year.

Tobi won the George E. Briggs Dissertation award for his outstanding PhD thesis titled "Distributed Prospective Memory in Critical Care: Resuming interrupted tasks and remembering future intentions."

Tobi performed an eye tracking study on intensive care nurses at Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH), investigating factors that allowed them to quickly recover from interruptions. He also used the full-scale simulator in PAH's ICU to explore whether incidental reminders improved nurses' prospective memory performance.

A practical spinoff of Tobi's theoretical work was the introduction of an illustrated bedside drawer divider into emergency rooms, which is still used in the ICU today.

Penny won the Franklin V. Taylor Award for her career-long contributions to applied experimental and engineering psychology, most recently in the healthcare human factors area. Previous winners of the APA Taylor award include Donald Norman (The Design of Everyday Thingsauthor) and Paul Fitts ("father" of Human Factors in the USA).

Way to go Tobi and Penny!

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