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Recent PhD Completions

Recent PhD Completions

Congratulations to our most recent PhD graduates: 

  • Elizabeth Puhakka, whose thesis was entitled "Parenting Skills Assessment: Beyond Self-Report." Elizabeth was supervised by Paul Harnett. 
  • Marguerite O'Haire, whose thesis was on the topic of "Animal-Assisted Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their Peers."  Maggie’s supervisor was Virginia Slaughter.
  • Airong Zhang, whose thesis was entitled "Negotiating minority group identity: The role of intergroup relations and changing intergroup dynamics".  Airong's thesis was supervised by Jolanda Jetten.
  • Miguel Rodriguez, whose PhD thesis was entitled "Mapping the Genetic Architecture of Subcortical Brain Anatomy".  Miguel's thesis was supervised by Nick Martin at QIMR.
  • Anita Vuckovic, whose PhD thesis entitled "Dynamic decision making: Development and application of formal decision-making frameworks" was passed by the Graduate School with no corrections required.  Well done to Anita and to her supervisor Andrew Neal.
  • Brooke Andrew graduated with a PhD in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology.  Her thesis was entitled "Cognitive Functioning Following Chemotherapy Treatment For Breast Cancer: A Two-Year Prospective, Longitudinal Study" and she was supervised by Ken McFarland.
  • Julianne Gardner graduated with a PhD in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology.  Her thesis was entitled "An Investigation of Motivation and Goal Setting After Acquired Brain Injury: Implications for Rehabilitation."  Julianne was supervised by Ken McFarland.
  • Sashenka Milston, whose thesis is titled "The role of empathy in the observation and execution of simple motor movements: A social cognitive neuroscience approach."  Sashenka was supervised by Eric Vanman.
  • Dana Schneider, whose thesis was supervised by Paul Dux.  The title is: "The efficient social brain: Exploring implicit theory of mind processing."
  • David Butler, whose thesis, entitled "Investigating the neurological processes involved in visual self-recognition using mirrors, photographs, non-identical twins, and hominoid comparative neuroanatomy" was supervised by Thomas Suddendorf.
  • Sophie Lindquist, whose thesis, entitled "Mind wandering during lectures: Observations of the prevalence and correlates of attentional lapses, and their relationships with task characteristics and memory" was supervised by John McLean.
  • Claire Chandler, who has completed requirements for the PhD in Clinical Psychology.  Claire's thesis, supervised by Jeannie Sheffield, is titled "Being a foster carer in Queensland: Using qualitative and quantitative research methods to explore this experience and to tailor a parenting intervention for carers."
  • Ameneh Shahaeian, whose PhD thesis entitled "Developing an understanding of mind: A view across cultures" has been passed by the Graduate School.  Ameneh was co-supervised by Mark Nielsen and Virginia Slaughter.
  • Meg Richardson, whose PhD thesis entitled "Parents' loss and grief in the context of youth mental illness" has been passed by the Graduate School.  Meg was supervised by Vanessa Cobham.
  • Beth O'Brien-Mcinally, whose  thesis, entitled "Rejection, mood, and social interaction: Clarifying the effect of interpersonal rejection on mood while exploring social repercussions in new contexts" was supervised by Eric Vanman.
  • Merryn Constable whose PhD thesis titled "Affective action: Interactions between emotion and social processing in the motor system" was supervised by Ada Kritikos.

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