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The psychology of fundraising

The psychology of fundraising

No, it’s not a new course being offered in 2017, but a testament to the great work undertaken by the School of Psychology for charity this year.

A Fundraising Working Group (FWG) was established to plan and manage the School’s charitable fundraising activities in a more structured way than the ad hoc charity fundraisers of previous years.

The FWG consists of Christine McCoy, Dot Bathgate, John McBreen, Jordan Reutas, Rachelle Croton, and Steph Kerr, with School Manager Karen Perkins the FWG’s patron. 

Other School staff and postgraduate students had input into the direction of the FWG via an online survey, results of which formed the basis for the FWG’s fundraising plan for the year.

This plan has seen the FWG organise four fundraising morning teas, one jointly with the Psychology Students’ Association (PSA), and three separate week-long fundraising campaigns.

The non-profit organisations supported this year were the Luke Batty Foundation, the Brisbane Period Project, ActionAid, the RSPCA (through their Cupcake Day), The Orangutan Project, beyondblue, R U OK?, and CanTeen.

In total, the School’s fundraising activities raised an impressive $3,032.37, along with a large contribution of donated items for the Brisbane Period Project.

 “We have raised a lot of money for these charities, which is great, and I think there are also intangible benefits that come from our efforts. We see so much generosity from people. One of our staff members has continued to bake for our morning teas even though she has moved to another Faculty,” said FWG member Christine McCoy.

“With our orangutan fundraising we wanted to be able to adopt one baby orangutan and we raised enough to adopt four. When we thought we would be short of our fundraising target for CanTeen we had an anonymous donor donate the full amount we were short in one lump sum.  Each of our fundraisers brings the School together around a common goal, strengthening our connections with one another and adding positively to our culture within the School.”

The FWG would like to give special thanks to the group of tireless and dedicated volunteer bakers who have donated the ingredients, as well as their time and effort, to make all of the baked goods at this year’s morning teas. These people are Alison Pike, Anita Johnston-Oost, Ashleigh Harrold, Christine McCoy, Claire Naughtin, Danico Jones, Dot Bathgate, Grace Loh, Jason Tangen, Jenny English, Karen Perkins, Karri Neldner, Kerry Fesuk, Lea Greenaway, Lydia Hayward, Magen Seymour-Smith, Morgana Lizzio-Wilson, Nathacha Subero, Rohan Kapitany, Roxanne English, Suzanne Doyle, and Tamara Butler; and from the PSA – Andrea Sherritt, Emily Wood, Grace Byriel, Greg Lewin, Laura O'Rourke, Rebecca Stower, and Therese Lefebure.

The FWG would also like to recognise that their work would not have amounted to anything without the ongoing and very generous support from donors in the School, and they send a huge and heartfelt thanks to each and every supporter throughout the year.

Here’s to an even bigger and better year of fundraising in 2017!

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