Catherine Haslam
Feature article
At one of the School's recent Seminar Series, Catherine Haslam talked about the value of relationships for our health and wellbeing. Social factors are a key predictor in keeping us alive and healthier for longer, and have a major impact on our mental abilities. Her research in this field has led to the creation of an intervention program called Groups 4 Health. watch video
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Hillary Clinton
The US election result is a perfect example of 'the illusion of momentum building'. Clever campaigns should persuade, not alienate. learn more
glass cliff
The term 'glass cliff' on the Oxford Dictionaries 2016 Word of the Year shortlist, was coined by psychological research 10 years ago. read more
teenager jumping on the beachNew research seeks to discover how risk-taking is perceived during Schoolies celebrations compared to other times of year. read more
Donald Trump
Donald Trump's 'crudity and incivility' increase his appeal, says a prophetic book chapter co-authored by Alex Haslam months ago. read more
voting signResearch on a same-sex marriage referendum found the 'No' campaign had a detrimental impact on LGBTI people and their families. read more
child holding a cardboard house​The burden of perceiving yourself as 'homeless' has been detailed in research conducted in conjunction with The Salvation Army. read more
one black sheep among many white sheep
A new book on prejudice urges readers to move out of their comfort zone and set an agenda for future research, policy and intervention. read more
School of Hard Knocks choir
Opportunity knocks for disadvantaged choir members, from improvements in mental health to higher ratings of satisfaction with life. read more
charisma definition in a dictionaryRecent studies indicate that if you’re a leader who wants to be perceived as charismatic, you’re better off dead.
read more
Stacey Parker
At the School's Seminar Series, Stacey Parker presented her research on how employees manage their energy levels while at work. watch video
Did you attend our Meet the world of UQ Psychology event? It was a great way to learn more about the diversity of our staff and students. watch video
cupcakesOur School's Fundraising Working Group raised over $3000 for charity this year, and also provided us with delicious treats! read more
psychology graduate
Expand your specialisations in psychological practice in 2017 with our new Graduate Diploma.
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The White House
Triple P went to the White House as part of an initiative to improve outcomes for boys and young men of colour, and all youth. read more
screenshot from Create Change videoTake a look at one of our PhD students in a UQ 'Create Change' video: Kathryn, creating change for migrant families. watch video
In the news

live TV interview
Vanessa Cobham spoke to Channel Seven's Sunrise about how parents can answer kids' questions about traumatic world events. watch video
A person's ability to see fine visual detail can be sharpened by simply staring for a few seconds at a rapidly flickering display. read more
teen looking at computerVictims of cyberbullying report high rates of anxiety and depression, but blocking kids from social media won't solve the problem. read more
Nancy PachanaNancy Pachana explains how culture is important to mental well-being, and that this is another key to 'closing the gap' in Aboriginal health. listen here
heart drawn on glass
Meta-analysis research led by Niklas Steffens found that getting on well with co-workers is associated with better health and lower burnout. read more
woman taking selfie with Donald Trump
Evidence suggests those most likely to be interested in protectionism and curbing immigration are not the most vulnerable economically. read more
people speaking at event
A session at BBC's World Changing Ideas Summit: Time travelling in the human mind and what new technology might have in store. watch video
protesters holding offensive signs
James Sherlock looks at the biology of bigotry, and poses the question 'Is prejudice in our genes?'
read more
Stan SteindlStan Steindl on Channel Ten's The Project discussing road rage, the risk to motorists, and how to stop falling victim to it. watch video
a cricket match at sunset
Derek Arnold writes about how pink cricket balls can be extra difficult to see in those crucial minutes when day turns to night during play. read more
On ABC Radio, Winnifred Louis talks about the role of activists, the nature of protests, and the psychology of social change. listen here
Virginia SlaughterVirginia Slaughter on the controversial phenomenon of neonatal imitation – can newborn babies imitate their parents? listen here
Genevieve Dingle on ABC News
Genevieve Dingle appeared on ABC News to discuss her work with the inspiring School of Hard Knocks.
watch video
Thomas Suddendorf featured in the Reddit Science AMA Series, answering questions about what makes humans unique. read more
Triple P facilitators on ABC RadioMatt Sanders and Yuan Cao on ABC Radio about Triple P now being delivered to Brisbane's Chinese families in Mandarin. listen here
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