Blake McKimmie
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Blake McKimmie has flipped a first year course to offer an in-depth, collaborative learning experience to the annual cohort of 2500 students.

Introduction to Psychology: Developmental, Social & Clinical Psychology (PSYC1030) replaces traditional lectures in large theatres with a series of massive open online courses (MOOCs).

Students review the lecture material at home before class and then attend large group workshops that involve more face-to-face time with tutors where they learn how to apply their knowledge to a practical question.

The MOOCs are hosted on
edX, allowing people around the world to complete the course online.

Take a look at one of the
short lecture videos, or visit the PSYC1030x Facebook page.
Latest developments

mother and child with friends
Women who maintain connections with their social groups after having a baby are at lower risk of developing postnatal depression. read more
autistic child
New research has shown a relationship between features of autism spectrum disorder that were previously thought to be unrelated. read more
Academy AwardA shared social group makes an enormous difference as to whether a creative performance is likely to be seen as exceptional. read more
drug addict
Recovering drug addicts who believe they are the target of stereotypes often find it harder to function within society. read more
Leanne HidesA new Professor of Alcohol, Drugs and Mental Health will explore the effectiveness of treatments for addiction and mental health. read more
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Nancy Pachana
Nancy Pachana's latest book explores the biological, psychological, and social changes humans undergo as they age. read more
PhD graduate Jamin Day reflects on his work with one of the world's leading experts in family interventions.
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Olympic staffUQ alumnus dons the green and gold as the Travelling Sport Psychologist for the Australian Swim Team.
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older person and young person playing game
The Good Neighbour Program is a new social intervention for psychology undergraduate students, in partnership with Anglicare. read more
coloured heads
On the Health Hub blog: 5 things you may not know about studying psychology, by psychology student Savanna. read more
Christina LeeChristina Lee has been presented the Distinguished Scientist Award for decades of devotion to influencing women’s health policy. read more
In the news

man looking at statistics and graphs
What are some of the common mistakes made when thinking about statistics, probability and risk?
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couple embracing
What’s the point of sex? It’s not just for making babies, it's good for your physical, social and mental health too!
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burgerGrowing meat artificially, under laboratory-type conditions, is not impossible on a large scale – but would you eat in vitro meat? read more
There’s now strong evidence that a record decline in smoking rates occurred soon after plain packaging was introduced in 2012. read more
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The glass cliff phenomenon is becoming increasingly recognised, as shown by its inclusion in the shortlist for the Word of the Year. read more
man looking anxious
James Kirby spoke to ABC Radio about anxieties and worrying. (He even revealed some of his own anxieties!) listen here
The "anti-enlightenment movement": What makes some smart people so skeptical of science?
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Donald Trump
Is Trump Driving Recruits to ISIS? Research in social psychology suggests that the answer is probably yes. read more
old map of USSR
The divisive 2016 presidential election and its aftermath provide clear evidence of the bitterness that plagues American politics. read more
Donald TrumpThe key to deceiving others may be deceiving yourself first, as the best liars are people who can lie to themselves. read more
researcher and children
The recent SBS documentary The Truth About Racism featured researchers Fiona Barlow and Matti Wilks. watch video
Roy Baumeister
One of the most highly cited psychology researchers in the world is also known for ruffling feathers.
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Bill von HippelIn this podcast, Bill von Hippel talks about social intelligence, charisma, and why some of us can be so bad at navigating social situations. listen here
vinyl record and heaphones
Research from the UQ School of Psychology features in this article '6 ways music can save your life (or just make it better)'. read more
crowd at a concert
Genevieve Dingle talks to Amanda Vanstone on ABC Radio National's Counterpoint program.
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James BrownIs there a dark side to easy-listening and feel-good tunes? Does listening to extreme music represent a healthy way of processing anger? read more