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The 4th Annual UQ Compassion Symposium
Compassion Keynote – Friday 22 September, 6pm-8pm
GHD Auditorium, Advanced Engineering Building, UQ St Lucia

Compassion Conference – Saturday 23 September, 9am-5pm
Sir Llew Edwards Building, UQ St Lucia

The Compassion Keynote speaker is Professor Roy Baumeister. Roy's keynote 'Toward a Scientific Theory of Free Will' combines conceptual discussion of the grand problem of free will with laboratory studies, including work on self-control and decision making, as well as studies on manipulated disbelief in free will.
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The full-day Compassion Conference boasts an impressive and diverse line up of over 15 practitioners and academics discussing how compassion can be integrated into research, practice, work, and daily life.
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Karyn Healy from Resilience Triple P provides tips on how to tell if a child is being bullied and what to do about it.
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bandaged child's arm
Medical procedures on kids are stressful for parents, but parental stress can make a child's pain even worse.
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An in-depth Q&A about Barbara Masser’s work, in A Comprehensive Guide To The Wonderful World of Psychology. read more
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book cover
The Wealth Paradox: the idea that prosperity makes us more tolerant is a myth, according to a book by Jolanda Jetten & Frank Mols. read more
Triple P founder Matt Sanders and a family
The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program was featured in the United Kingdom’s election campaigning.
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