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Featured Project - Teen Triple P Discussion Groups : Reducing Family Conflict

A brief parenting intervention focussed on reducing conflict in families with young teenagers

Teen Triple P Discussion Groups : Reducing Family Conflict

Researchers from The University of Queensland are examining the effectiveness of a brief 2 hour Triple P parenting discussion group focussed on reducing family conflict in families with young teenagers. To create an interactive environment the program will be delivered in a group setting to allow parents to discuss common challenging behaviours and parenting problems. The workshop will be run by a trained Triple P Practitioner and parents will be taught effective behaviour management techniques. The program will focus on understanding common parent traps, teaching teenagers to get along, increasing family harmony and managing conflict. As part of the discussion group parents will be given a free workbook that provides them with information and tools that will assist them in developing a personalized parenting plan. To further assist parents in implementing the new parenting plan parents will also receive a follow-up phone consultation to provide them with further support at home.

The two hour discussion groups are going to be run in Indooroopilly at the Triple P Centre and in Redcliffe on Tuesday and Thursday evenings or Saturday mornings. The dates of the sessions will be set once the required number of participants have been reached, but will run from June to August. There is no cost associated with participation and both teenager and parents stand to benefit from the program.

If you have a young teenager aged between 12 and 15 years and would like to take advantage of this free Teen Triple P discussion group please contact Brydie O’Connor on 0421608212 or email:

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