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Featured Project - Stepping Stones Triple P

Raising the importance of early intervention to help young people with disabilities

Stepping Stones Triple P

The Project

The Stepping Stones Project aims to address the significant unmet emotional and behavioural needs of young people with disabilities, at a population level. This project will raise awareness of the importance of early intervention for emotional and behavioural problems in young people with disabilities and improve access to the evidence-based positive parenting intervention, Stepping Stones Triple P. It is expected that dissemination of Stepping Stones to parents and caregivers of children with a disability will bring about population level change in the number of children who develop serious behavioural and emotional problems. The project will be rolled out in time-lagged sequence across Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales, with the project commencing in Queensland. The Project consist of three phases; Phase 1 and Phase 3 involve population level surveys of all parents and caregivers of children with a disability, as well as all professionals working with families of children with a disability. Phase 2, is consists of the population level rollout of Stepping Stones Triple-P-Programs, as well an effectiveness trial within a sub-set of families.

Brief Project Description:

My Say Survey- Queensland Launch 10th October 2012

Queensland-wide survey of all parents and caregivers of children with a disability in Queensland on the types of emotional, social and behavioural difficulties experienced by their children, their awareness of available parenting services, and preferences for accessing parenting support. The information gathered will be used to determine base-rate levels of difficulties experienced by children with disabilities and to inform the state-wide roll-out of parenting interventions.

Professionals who work with families of children with disabilities will also be asked to complete a survey asking about their experiences in working with these families and about their use of parenting interventions

This is an opportunity for parents, caregivers, and professionals to have ‘My Say’ and to let us know how this program can best serve their needs.

To complete the survey follow this link:

News Story

A Channel 10 News Story featured the project. Please click on the link below and search for “Disability Support” to view the Featured Story.

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