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Featured Project - Triple P Online

Parenting support now one click away.

Triple P Online

Parents can now access an “online instruction manual” when the task of raising and caring for children seems overwhelming.

Researchers from The University of Queensland’s Parenting and Family Support Centre have developed an online version of the award-winning Triple P – Positive Parenting Program, a proven success with parents around the world.

Professor Matt Sanders, founder of Triple P, says: “We believe that if parents have a clearer sense of what it is they could be doing differently, it makes the world of difference.”

But a lack of time and inconcenience are often obstacles to completing a group program or seeking advice from a practitioner, according to Professor Sanders.

Triple P Online contains the proven positive parenting principles and easy-to-use strategies derived from almost 30 years of international research. Parents can now access the world-renowned Triple P program from their lounge rooms.

"Parents are looking for practical solutions to parenting problems that work," Professor Sanders says. “The simplest way to reduce parental distress and behavioral problems in children is to give parents better information and support.

“Triple P Online teaches parents how to prevent and manage common problems such as tantrums and whining and how to give children new skills and become more independent,” Professor Sanders said.

“The program uses the power and flexibility of the internet to enhance parents’ learning experiences.

“And gives parents the freedom to complete a parenting course in their own time, on their home computers. This makes it very convenient and allows every parent to get involved.”

“Feedback from parents who have completed the online program so far has been very positive, program coordinator Sabine Joachim said. They enjoyed the flexibility of the program and found it very engaging.”

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