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Featured Project - The Parent and Infant Survey

Investigating Early Feeding Practices and Parental Perceptions

The Parent and Infant Survey

Fostering positive feeding practices in the first two years of life is important because this represents a great opportunity for parents to lay the foundations of future healthy eating habits and living for their children.

In order to discover new ways to promote appropriate feeding in early childhood, researchers from the University of Queensland are now conducting a survey Australia-wide aiming to learn more about parents’ experiences, views and needs about feeding their baby. The findings of this preliminary study will inform the development of a parenting intervention that will be trialed in a later project. The key aim of the present research is to find efficient strategies to support parents in using positive feeding practices from the start.

All parents currently living in Australia who have a child aged 0 to 24 months can participate in this national study by completing an online questionnaire. If you are interested in taking part in this exciting project, go to:

For more information, email or contact the project coordinator on (07) 3346 7689.

By participating, you can help other parents raise healthy children.

Chief Investigators: Agnes Gelmini and Dr Alina Morawska.
Project Coordinator: Agnes Gelmini

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