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Featured Project - Grandparent Triple P

If you are a grandparent involved with caring for your grandchild there is now a program available for you!

Grandparent Triple P

Researchers, James Kirby and Professor Matthew Sanders, have developed a new version of the Triple P-Positive Parenting Program for grandparents. The aim of the newly developed program is to help assist grandparents who provide regular care to their grandchildren or who have custody of their grandchild.

According to Professor Sanders, grandparents are having a big involvement with the raising of children and consequently some might like some new ideas on ways to parent.

“Grandparents bring a great deal of experience and expertise to the role when providing care to their grandkids, as they have been parents before. But what we are finding from our research is that some grandparents want a refreshment of what strategies work with children, as it has been a while since they have had to care for children on a regular basis.”

In Australia grandparents provide the single largest amount of child care to grandchildren, with approximately 1 in every 5 children between 0-12 years of age receiving child care from their grandparents. Despite these large numbers there is still a lack of support services available for grandparents to access useful and practical ideas to assist them in their role as child care provider.

The program, ‘Grandparenting Triple P’, also has a section on developing a positive parenting team. As James Kirby indicates having a strong, cohesive team between parent and grandparent, can help provide a stable and predictable environment for the grandchildren to grow, learn and develop.

“For some families it can be tough, what a grandparent and a parent think as being the best ways to support the grandchildren can differ. And in those situations sometimes tension can arise and people can be disappointed. The challenge is to try and develop an effective and open communication channel so that both parent and grandparent feel heard and are happy with their roles and what is expected of them.”

If you are a grandparent who is providing regular care to your grandchild please contact the PFSC or James Kirby about participating in the research. The program is aiming at recruiting grandparents who are having difficulty with their role in relation to managing their grandchildren or who face tension or disagreement between the parent and grandparent relationship.

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