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Twice Upon a Time: Multiple Concurrent Temporal Recalibrations of Audiovisual Speech
Warrick Roseboom & Derek H. Arnold
Psychological Science, 22, 872 – 877

Audiovisual timing perception can recalibrate following prolonged exposure to asynchronous auditory and visual inputs. It has been suggested that this might contribute to achieving perceptual synchrony for auditory and visual signals despite differences in physical and neural signal times for sight and sound. However, given that people can be concurrently exposed to multiple audiovisual stimuli with variable neural signal times, a mechanism that recalibrates all audiovisual timing percepts to a single timing relationship could be dysfunctional. In the experiments reported here, we showed that audiovisual temporal recalibration can be specific for particular audiovisual pairings. Participants were shown alternating movies of male and female actors containing positive and negative temporal asynchronies between the auditory and visual streams. We found that audiovisual synchrony estimates for each actor were shifted toward the preceding audiovisual timing relationship for that actor and that such temporal recalibrations occurred in positive and negative directions concurrently. Our results show that humans can form multiple concurrent estimates of appropriate timing for audiovisual synchrony.

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