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Attitudes towards psychological treatment among older Australians
Woodward, Rana & Pachana, Nancy.A.
Australian Psychologist, 44(2), 86-93. (2009)

Reasons behind older adults’ under-utilisation of mental health services are complex. Barriers to access to mental health services for this group include service access and availability, attitudes of medical and mental health professionals, and attitudes of older people themselves. This questionnaire-based study sought to investigate variables that may influence attitudes towards psychological help seeking among a late mid-age–young-old Australian sample of 159 community-dwelling adults. The results suggest that attitudes towards seeking psychological help in this population were relatively positive. In addition, 450% of participants in the sample indicated that they had sought treatment for emotional or psychological difficulties in the past, with the greatest proportion of those who sought help noting that it was for ‘‘family problems’’ (56%). The findings suggest that negative attitudes to help seeking in this age group may not be as pervasive as previously assumed, and that help-seeking behaviours may be high among those with positive attitudes towards help seeking.

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