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Featured Staff - Karen Perkins

Psychology School Manager

Karen Perkins

What most excites you about your work & the contribution you can make?

I love the variety in my job, and there is a lot of scope to do really interesting things. I’m keen on improving communication wherever I work, so I always end up being responsible for the newsletter, website or social media. I think it’s because the work people do in universities is so interesting, and I want more people to hear about it.

Most unusual job you ever had?

Some of the jobs I had while studying in Japan were pretty unusual. I sold Australian beef in the Mitsukoshi department store food hall, I dressed as a Canadian ice hockey player for a tourism promotion, and I worked in a club in Ginza (it’s not what you think!). I also worked at Sanctuary Cove for a little while, and the best thing about that was being able to drive a golf cart around the resort.

What’s your favourite way to spend a weekend?

I do personal training on Saturday mornings in our local park with my family (including the dog). We often follow that up with breakfast out with friends, or a trip to the West End markets. I try and do something creative (I usually have a mosaic project on the go), but I’m also partial to vegging out in front of a good TV series or book. We are gradually renovating our house, so much of my time is spent avoiding painting and other DIY activities.

What do you really enjoy?

I like meeting people, and I credit my RSPCA rescue dog with helping me get to know people in my local area (especially those with dogs). Being out and about has also helped me fill my Instagram account with the whimsical sights of West End. I love seeing the Brisbane Lions win a footy game at the Gabba, though that hasn’t happened much lately. And I’m also pretty fond of poached eggs with avocado and haloumi for a long lazy café breakfast.


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