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Do I need to be registered?


It is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE that while in the MPsych program, from the very beginning to the end, students be properly registered with the Psychologists Board.  This is true EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT DOING A PLACEMENT IN A GIVEN SEMESTER.  This is true if you are an Australian student or an International student in the MPsych program.  There are no exceptions; all students must be registered. 

If you take time off from the MPsych program, for whatever reason, you MUST notify both the Program Director and the Psychologists Board that you are doing so, IN WRITING. If you fail to apply for general registration with probationary conditions, and you complete parts of the MPsych program WHILE UNREGISTERED, the Board will not recognise that part of your training, and this may prevent you from gaining full registration in a timely manner. 

If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of your registration, it is best if you speak DIRECTLY TO THE BOARD.

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