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I am having Problems Accessing Qualtrics

Access to Qualtrics is restricted to UQ Accounts that have some known association with the School of Psychology.

If your UQ Account has a valid assocaition with the School of Psychology you can access qualtrics from here:

Note that you must be logged in to access Qualtrics.

I have logged in but cannot access Qualtrics

If you can log into the Psychology web site but still cannot get to Qualtrics this is normally caused by either of these two things:

  1. Incorrect Username: You may have more than one UQ Account, for example a staff account and a student account. The Psychology system may only assocaite one of these accounts with Psychology. Make sure you use the correct one.
  2. Incorrect User Classes: Your assocaition with the School of Psychology is handled by use of User Classes. Your user class should reflect your current role within the school. 

To confirm that you are logging in with Psychology Credentials and what user classes you are a member of please go to the Staff page:

On the first tab of this page it should say:

  • 'You are currently logged in with the username s1234567.' 
  • 'You are a member of the following User Classes: Class1, Class2.'

If it doesn't show you as belonging to any valid user classes then you will not be able to access Qualtrics. Note that not all user classes have access ot Qualtrics.

If your think your User Classes are incorrect or if you are having other problems accessing Qualtrics please contact:



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