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Can I get an Information/Consent Page before my Survey?

It is very common to want to have a start or landing page for your survey. This page will generally contain your Participant Informaiton Sheet and Consent details. This is hosted completely outside of Qualtrics or Checkbox. Once the participant Consents they are then directed to your survey.

This system has the following advantages:

  • You get a much shorter and user friendly address to direct your particpants to.
  • Participants who refuse to consent do not actually start the survey.
  • Generally looks more professional.

Basic Start Page Example

For a simple example see this demo page:

Please contact Paul Jackson ( for help creating a start page. The minimum required to get a start page is:

  • A Word Document with the content for the page. Typically this would just be your Participant Information Sheet.
  • The name or address of the survey that this page will link to.
  • You must also select an address. The address will be in the format '' where the 'abc' part will be something appropriate for your research. All lowercase, no punctuation and short is best.

Finish Page

A similar page can be created as a Debrief page for after the survey if required.

Example of a simple Debrief Page:

Potentially the finish page can also be used to collect data that is not linked to the actual survey data, is stored on psychology servers and as such can be user identifiable. 

Example of Student Id collection:

Example of Prize Draw entry:

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