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School of Psychology Dean’s Scholar Program

The Dean’s Scholar program encourages and supports top students throughout their undergraduate program. The Health and Behavioural Sciences (HABS) Dean’s Scholars are recruited from all HABS programs and sequences of study, including students in dual degrees and students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science who have an HABS major.

Entry rules for the HABS Dean’s Scholar Program

Each semester (excluding Summer Semester) HABS identify and recognise undergraduate students in the top 5% of those who complete a full-time semester study load comprising at least #6 of study in HABS courses.

Continuation in the Program

To maintain a place in the Dean’s Scholar program students are required maintain a full-time study load and be within the top 5% of undergraduate students (excluding summer semester).

Opportunities for Dean’s Scholars

There are several opportunities available to HABS Dean’s Scholars:

  • The Summer Research Scholarship Program offers scholarships to students who are engaged in research internships over the summer vacation period (from mid-November to mid-February). Research internships provide students with the opportunity to work with a researcher in a formal research environment so that they may experience the research process and discover what research is being undertaken in their field of interest at UQ. In addition, some students may also qualify to receive a scholarship for the duration of their internship.
  • Dean's Scholar students are given Priority in Summer Research Scholarships..

School of Psychology Scholar Mentorship Program

The School of Psychology also offers a Mentorship Program for Dean’s Scholars enrolled in Psychology. The program allows Dean’s Scholars to nominate particular academics in the School that they would like to meet. Each student can list their research interests, nominate up to three mentors, and provide a brief biography.

Then the program co-ordinator will put each student in touch with their mentors so they can meet informally, discuss research, and perhaps get involved in some of the projects and events in the School that are directly relevant to the student’s interests.

Many Dean’s Scholars decide to pursue a research higher degree (RHD) program in Psychology or elsewhere, and each of these programs require referee reports where academics assess a candidate’s suitability for postgraduate study. Obviously, the more familiar an academic is with the student, their interests, plans, skills, commitment, maturity, etc., the better these referee reports will be. This program is an excellent opportunity for Dean’s Scholars and academics to get acquainted and for students to get involved in the School early on in their undergraduate careers.

To enrol in the mentorship program:

The program co-ordinator will provide each academic a list of interested Dean’s Scholars, and they will contact you to arrange a meeting, coffee, a lab tour, lunch, or whatever is suitable.

Your interests will most certainly change over time, so be sure to keep your lists of research interests and mentors current.

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