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Dr Renata Bongiorno
  – Honorary Research Fellow

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Dr Renata Bongiorno
I am currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom. I have expertise in gender inequality, collective action and social change. I was awarded my PhD from the Australian National University in December 2010. My PhD research was in the area of social and organisational psychology, and uncovered a new form of prejudice towards women, showing that assertive female leaders are now rewarded, while tentativeness has become a source of prejudice. I was employed in a number of research roles in Australia after completing my PhD, including at the Melbourne Business School, to examine barriers to the uptake of flexible workplace policies, and at The University of Queensland, to examine biases affecting the prosecution of sexual assault cases. Some of my current research involves examining the psychological factors that contribute to (varied) reactions towards perpetrators and victims of sexual harassment, and mobilising men’s action in support of gender equality. My research has received national and international media coverage, including in The Huffington Post, The Boston Globe, Salon, The Age, Brisbane Times and Daily Life.
+617 3365 4466
Postal Address:
School of Psychology
McElwain Building
The University of Queensland
St Lucia, QLD 4072

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Dr Renata Bongiorno

BA (Hons 1) PhD (2010) Australian National University

  • Thesis title: The perpetuation of gender inequality in the face of social change.

Research roles since 2010

  • 2011 - I worked as a researcher in the School of Psychology at UQ. I examined community perceptions of defendants and complainants of rape, using both qualitative and quantitative analyses.
  • 2011-2012 - I worked as a researcher with the Melbourne Business School to examine stigmas preventing people's use of flexible workplace policies. 
  • 2013-2014 - I worked as a researcher in the School of Psychology at UQ on an ARC Linkage Grant: Breaking the cycle of homelessness. I developed and applied a coding scheme for interviews with over 100 people living in crisis accomodation.
  • 2016-2017 - I worked as a researcher in the Business School at UQ to examine CEO's involvement in programs to advance gender equality.
  • 2017-present - I am working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom.
Professional Activities:

Ad-hoc reviewer

  • Social Psychological and Personality Science, Social Cognition, British Journal of Social Psychology, European Journal of Social Psychology, Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, Sex Roles, Psychology of Women Quarterly, Australian Journal of Psychology, Journal of Social and Political Psychology, Journal of Experimental Criminology
Picture of 'Dr Renata Bongiorno'
Dr Renata Bongiorno
Research Activities:

My research examines gender inequality, collective action and social change. I have published research on: (i) subtle prejudice towards women in leadership, (ii) gender bias in the judicial system, and (iii) motivating collective action to advance social causes.

Representative Publications:

Bongiorno, R., McKimmie, B., Masser, B. (2016) The selective use of rape-victim stereotypes to protect culturally similar perpetrators. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 40, 398-413. doi: 10.1177/0361684316631932. Link 

Bongiorno, R., McGarty, C., Kurz, T., Haslam, S. A., Sibley, C. G. (2016) Mobilizing cause supporters through group-based interaction. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 46, 203-215. doi: 10.1111/jasp.12337. Link

Bain, P. G., Bongiorno, R. (2015) Are individualism and “masculinity” related when controlling for regional differences? A reappraisal and reanalysis of Barry. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 46, 1226-1231. doi: 10.1177/0022022115603126. Link 

McKimmie, B. M., Masser, B. M., Bongiorno, R. (2014). What counts as rape? The effect of offence prototypes, victim stereotypes and participant gender on how the complainant and defendant are perceived. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 29, 2273-2303. doi: 10.1177/0886260513518843. Link

Bongiorno, R., Bain, P. G., David, B. (2014). If you’re going to be a leader, at least act like it! Prejudice towards women who are tentative in leader roles. British Journal of Social Psychology, 53, 217-234. doi: 10.1111/bjso.12032. Link

McKimmie, B. M., Masser, B. M., Bongiorno, R. (2014). Looking shifty but telling the truth: The effect of witness demeanour on mock jurors’ perceptions. Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, 21, 297-310. doi: 10.1080/13218719.2013.815600. Link

Bongiorno, R., Bain, P.G. Haslam, N. (2013). When sex doesn’t sell: Using sexualized images of women reduces support for ethical campaigns. PLOS ONE. 8(12): e83311. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0083311. Full article

Bain, P.G., Hornsey, M.J., Bongiorno, R., Kashima, Y., Crimston, D. (2013). Collective futures: How projections about the future of society are related to actions and attitudes supporting social change. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 39, 523-539. doi: 10.1177/0146167213478200. Link

Bain, P. G., Hornsey, M., Bongiorno, R., Jeffries, C. (2012). Promoting pro-environmental action in climate change deniers. Nature Climate Change, 2, 600-603. doi: 10.1038/nclimate1532. Link

Ryan, M. K., Haslam, S. A., Hersby, M. D., & Bongiorno, R. (2011). Think crisis–think female: The glass cliff and contextual variation in the think manager–think male stereotype, Journal of Applied Psychology, 96, 470-484. doi: 10.1037/a0022133. Link

McGarty, C., Bongiorno, R., & Bliuc, A-M., (2010). Categorization. In J. M. Levine, & M. A. Hogg (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Group Processes and Intergroup Relations. Sage.

McGarty, C., Bliuc, A-M., & Bongiorno, R., (2010). Depersonalization. In J. M. Levine, & M. A. Hogg (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Group Processes and Intergroup Relations. Sage.

McGarty, C., Bliuc, A-M., Thomas, E. F, & Bongiorno, R. (2009). Collective action as the material expression of opinion-based group membership. Journal of Social Issues. 65, 839-857. doi: 10.1111/j.1540-4560.2009.01627.x. Link

Course Tutor:
  • Semester 1, 2015
    PSYC4091 - Group Supervised Thesis (Whole year course)
  • Semester 2, 2014
    PSYC3142 - Intergroup Relations & Group Processes
  • Semester 1, 2013
    PSYC2040 - Social and Organisational Psychology

Note: Coordinator roles prior to 2009 and tutor roles prior to 2006 are not included.

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