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Emeritus Professor Tian Po Oei
  – Emeritus Professor

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Emeritus Professor Tian Po Oei
Tian was with La Trobe and Otago Universities before he joined the University of Queensland in 1984 as a Senior Lecturer. He was awarded a personal chair of clinical psychology in 1997. He took early retirement and became an Emeritus Professor of UQ in 2009. His research focuses mainly on addictive behaviours and substance abuse as well as psychopathology, particularly the use of cognitive behaviour therapy in the treatment of addictive behaviours and anxiety and mood disorders. He is also interested in how the interface of social, psychological and biochemical variables impact on the processes of change in Asian cultures.
24A room 220A
+61 7 3365 6230
+61 7 3365 4466
Postal Address:

School of Psychology
The University of Queensland
St Lucia QLD 4072

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Emeritus Professor Tian Po Oei

BA Qu. MPsychol UNSW, PhD N'cle FAPS

Professional Activities:

Teaching and training of postgraduate clinical psychology students in Australia and Asia;

Fellow, Australia Psychological Society;

Director,  Cognitive Behavior Therapy Unit, Toowong Private Hospital;

 Visiting Professor, Beijing Normal University, Beijing & Nanjing University, Nanjing,  PR.China

 Editorial boards of many Asian & international journals;

Founding and First President, Asian Cognitive Behavior Therapy Association (ACBTA)

Founding member, Asian CBT Conference series

Picture of 'Emeritus Professor Tian Po Oei'
Emeritus Professor Tian Po Oei
Research Activities:

1. addictive behaviors and substance abuse, and 2. psychopathology and clinical psychology.

1. Addictive behavior: Alcohol and gambling

The major aims are to identify factors involved in the acquisition and maintenance of drug seeking and taking behaviors, and to develop new theories and treatment methods that are effective in the prevention and treatment of these problem behaviors.

2. Psychopathology and clinical psychology.

My interests here are: 1. to investigate the mechanisms of change in psychotherapy, in particular Cognitive Behavior Therapy in the treatment of addictive behaviors andanxiety and mood disorders, and 2. to examine how the interface of social , psychological and biochemical variables impact on the processes of change in Asian cultures.

Representative Publications:



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Picture of 'Emeritus Professor Tian Po Oei'
Emeritus Professor Tian Po Oei
Anxiety disorders, drug and alcohol problems, mood disorders. Outcomes in cognitive behaviour therapy. Biological and psychological processes of change in therapy.
Alcohol addiction, Addiction, Anxiety disorders, Cognitive behaviour therapy - outcomes, Counselling - psychology, Mood disorders, Drug addiction, Biological processes of change in therapy, Psychological processes of change in therapy, Psychology

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